With the objective of promoting village arts, cultures, living styles and values in rural development, VITOF Nepal was established in 2054 B.S. under initiation of Mr. Suraj Prakash Shrestha as first corporate president. At this moment this forum has successfully completed its 18 years of operation.

VITOF Nepal, Pokhara is the first branch in Pokhara that has been established to uphold the villages which are rich with arts, cultures, values and norms, naturally gifted and historically importance in Western region. The main objective is to introduce the concept of home stay in rural areas there by providing training and development. The concept of home stay aims at preserving those invaluable arts, cultures, values, norms, living styles, foods, historically importance and natural beauties and expose to outside world. This will assist domestic as well as international tourist acquainting the life of rural villages. This will in turn aid local people increase earning, improve their living standard and halt village migration.

As a part of future program, VITOF-Nepal, Pokhara programs such as conference, seminar, and meeting related with home stay, interaction with local villagers, home stay fame trip and home stay festival will
be conducted to inform and remind people about the concept of home stay.

VITOF Nepal, Pokhara has developed web site at its first phase of promotion campaign. I believe this site will endorse those villages which are currently operating homestay, make known to those village which are interested in home stay and also to those villages which has started homestay once but left now. It is our attempt to preserve and promote these priceless assets there by listing all the villages in western region of Nepal. This site will be milestone to those specialists in this fields, administrators, and businessman as well as to the local residence. No doubt, this site will be essentially important in promoting village tourism as well as home stay in Nepal in near future.